Potta Natural Jewelry Set
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프랑스 마르세유의 푸른 바다에서 영감을 받은 모티브와 천연 젬스톤에서만이

구현할 수 있는 자연의 색상들로 우아하면서도 싱그러운 에너지를 담은 주얼리입니다. 

소 재  /  Brass, titanium(침) + 골드도금(무니켈)

색 상  /  골드

스 톤  /  오닉, 라피스라줄리, 옐로우칼세도니, 말라카이트, 자개

사이즈 /  12mmx12mm(팬던트)

체   인  / 고리로 40cm 및 42cm로 조절 가능 + 5cm 연장체인


How to care

· The more intentional you are about caring for your jewelry, the longer it will last.

· Remove your jewelry before doing any activity that risks physical damage.

· As a general care tip, your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out and the first thing you remove upon coming home.

· When not being worn, store in a safe, dry place to protect against the elements of daily exposure.

· Store pieces separately to avoid damage.

· Ensure pieces are completely dry before storing.

· Try to avoid getting moisture, sweat, lotion and perfume on it. Wipe down with a dry cloth after use and keep it in a sealed bag.


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Exchanges / Refunds

When Exchanges / Refunds Are Offered

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· When authentication certificates are included in the package, it must also be returned in its original state in the package.

· The product and package must be in its original protective case, and the case must not be damaged.

  When Exchanges / Refunds Are NOT Offered

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· If the product came with a tag, and if the tag has been taken off, or if the certification/identification documents are damaged, exchanges/refunds will NOT be 


· Cancellations/exchanges/refunds will NOT be offered for custom-made products.

· For plated/gilted products, if the plating has come off due to excessive use, it will NOT be a reason for exchanges/refunds.

· Our policy is to offer free-of-charge repairs of products up to 6 months after purchase, and after 6 months have passed, any repair inquiries (including whether or not the repair can be 

   done) will depend on the supply of materials and the amount used.

· In the case of damage due to the customer’s carelessness, the customer may be asked to pay for repairs.

Process of Exchanges or Refunds

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